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VT470 Vario






VT470 Vario

Flexible transporter for agricultural operation and municipal services

Product variants. The TP 470 Vario is designed for working in the steepest of terrains. Its versatility makes it the ideal companion for all work situations in and around agricultural operations and offers distinct working comfort.

The VT 470 Vario is specifically designed for the needs of city and municipal administrations. Owing to the user-friendly operating concept, it can be controlled intuitively and offers an inviting workplace.

VT470 Vario Euro 6
Powerful 100 kW engine (136 hp) for gentle work.
Euro 6e emissions standard turbo diesel with 100 kW (136 hp).
Continuously adjustable driving speed for efficient work.
Cruise control and low speed concept enable fuel savings and noise reduction.
Safe work: high level of driving comfort and safety.
Unobstructed view: generously sized cabin with all-around visibility.