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MT 760, MT 770




MT 760, MT 770

Universal carrier vehicle

Aebi MT is compact, agile and multi-functional. With a total gross weight of up to 7 500 kg, this multi-talented and highly versatile transporter masters every challenge. And it does so safely and regardless of conditions, thanks to a panoramic cab and heated LED headlights.


Versatile multi-purpose transporter for use all year round.
Suitable for narrow road conditions thanks to compact exterior dimensions (max. 1.70m wide).
Optional semi-hydrostat: Stepless operation from 0 - 20km/h, mechanical drive up to 89km/h.
Four attachment points and quick-change system with optional lifting gear.
Complete LED lighting as standard.

MT 760

The maximum load capacity of 3 800 kg and the extensive basic equipment of the MT 760 enable everyday use in all seasons. The total weight is 6 500 kg.

MT 770

The maximum load capacity of 4 800 kg and hydraulic relief at the front of the vehicle make the TT 770 reliable partner for demanding work. The total weigh is 7 500 kg.