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Airport runway cleaner

The more movements (take-offs and landings) take place on a runway, the more rubber (or soot) deposits remain on the surface. These deposits lead to poor friction in the rain and thus increase the risk of aquaplaning extremely. This should be prevented by effective cleaning. Different ARC models meet these requirements.

The ARC uses water power to clean even the largest surfaces reliably and without chemicals or abrasive additives. The ARC is available in different models with different processing widths and capacities.

The ARC models work with high-pressure water pumps (up to 3,000 bar) and do not require chemicals or abrasive additives.
Extremely high nozzle speeds of over 400 km/h ensure gentle treatment of surfaces.

Maximum cleaning power
Environmentally friendly and resource-saving cleaning method
High pressure water technology
Individual equipment

Efficiency: The ARC provides gentle surface treatment at the highest nozzle speed.
Environmentally friendly: The ARC operates without chemicals or abrasive additives and with low water consumption per square meter.
High performance: The ARC works reliably at temperatures of up to 55° C.