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MND Safety

The Specialist in natural risks prevention devices

MND Safety  has been the world leader in remote avalanche prevention release systems for more than 20 years due to its unique experience, total commitment to safety and security and the way its different services work together as a team: 

Research and Development to optimize existing systems and imagine the solutions of the future

  • Manufacturing which combines rigorous processes with many quality controls to maximize reliability in use. 
  • Advice by a fully-trained international technical sales team to help you with the successful implementation of your resort safety projects.
  • Installation by personnel very experienced in running projects in sites where access and conditions are difficult.
  • Assistance/ Maintenance to solve any operating problems by fast intervention whenever necessary.

MND Safety is dedicated to service quality and effective product performance to guarantee customer satisfaction and anticipate needs.

MND Safety is simply the best supplier of state of the art solutions guaranteeing the safety of your ski slopes, access roads, villages – or mines!

MND Safety is the name of TAS.