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Banknote recycler






Banknote recycler BNR MEI  

The banknote recycler is the combination of a banknote reader and a self-filling banknote return. Previously accepted banknotes are returned as change during subsequent payment processes, thus optimising the amount of cash. Banknotes are dispensed in a stack. Up to 10 banknote types can be accepted in all 4 insertion directions

  • Temporary storage of up to 15 banknotes during the payment process.
  • Output of up to 15 banknotes in a stack.
  • Up to 2 programmable recycling modules, each for 2 banknote types, with a capacity of 25 and 55 banknotes per recycling module.
  • End cassette for up to 600 banknotes
  • Minimising the cash supply: Stored banknotes are used as change for future payment processes.
  • System requirements.
  • ABACUS system version x15.6 or higher.