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Sign banners
Sign banners are used on ski slopes to indicate hazards, warn about ski lift crossings, inform of the closure of a slope, insufficient snow. Texts and pictograms are printed in such a way to make them highly visible and legible, using bright, contrasting colors. MBS banners are sold separately or pre-assembled on fiberglass poles. The banners are available as standard versions, in 2 x 0,50 m, 0,50 x 1 m or 0,50 x 0,50 m, but they can also be manufactured to specific requirements (texts, pictograms, logos, drawings, etc.). The banners are manufactured in our workshops and can be supplied as standard banners or customized with texts and pictograms :

  • Sign banners: Yellow and red horizontal or vertical sign banners for visually marking your ski slopes. In open-weave PVC net and UV-resistant number marking, they are available as pole-mounted and can be purchased as standard or customized banners.  The edges are reinforced with fluorescent yellow PVC to give greater visibility and wear-resistance throughout the season.
  • Direction signs: Our fully customizable aluminum arrows (colors, texts, pictograms or logos) ensure correct traffic flow, as they are highly legible and respect your graphic identity.
  • Specific banners: For any customization, please contact us.