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Maximum performance and efficiency

Beast, the completely new dimension in grooming ski runs professionally. An increase in groomed surface capacity and pushing power exceeding 40% due to a sensational working width, unsurpassed grooming speed, optimal power transmission and the new Prinoth Master Blade. Pleasant work environment due to the innovative cabin comfort added to the possibility to configure the steering features individually. To know more about the new Prinoth groomer, you may seek advice from the following pages.

Convincing Arguments for the Beast

A New Dimension

The Beast surpasses all of its predecessors. The unprecedented working width saves time and reduces costs. The increased surface area of the track provides increased traction and also optimal use of power in all snow conditions. Through these improved efficiency and the 527 HP power plant, the Beast can achieve higher grooming speeds. The combination of all these factors produces a never before realized performance in slope grooming technology.

Outstanding Driving Properties

With its superior climbing and pushing capabilities, the Beast sets itself apart as the global leader among snow groomers. Its clearly thought-out geometries and balanced weight guarantee optimal agility. The basis for the excellent setting of the vehicle is the innovative Prinoth electronic vehicle control system which contributes to the outstanding performance characteristics of the vehicle. Due to the innovative drive properties, the Beast is also capable of unequalled performance in the most difficult working conditions.

Individual Configurations

The configuration of the Beast is your choice. Options include two steering systems and the position of the driver's seat. For the steering system you can choose between a steering wheel or steering levers. The position of the driver's seat can be configured as: center of the cab or left hand side of the cab. The vehicle can be configured to meet specific slope grooming applications.

Innovative Cabin Comfort

Dynamic lines and an overall athletic image: the exterior of the Beast's visual appeal is a clear indication as to what is inside. The cab combines design, ergonomics, and high tech into a comfortable, well thought out workspace. Among the outstanding features of the Beast there is the ergonomic operating concept developed by Prinoth: the right armrest is used for the blade, tiller controls and diagnostic center. Vehicle steering controls are conveniently located at the operator's left hand.

Unique Implements

The new design specs of the Prinoth Power Tiller provide perfect grooming results, guaranteeing its outstanding efficiency even at high grooming speeds. The shape of the newly developed Prinoth Master Blade is optimally coordinated with the vehicle. It facilitates an energized rolling of snow in the blade, allowing for increased productivity with low power out put. With a blade width of over six meters, it has no competition. The Master Blade has created and defined a new dimension in slope grooming.