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Bison/ Bison X

Expert for Park, Pipe & Slope

When it hits the slopes, the New Bison is guaranteed to impress thanks to its exceptional torque, excellent maneuverability, unrestricted vision, and outstanding comfort. The ultimate park vehicle, provides innovative park building features that will shape any park with ease and absolute perfection.

Arguments that convince

No. 1 in park building

The innovative park blade, with new teeth gives kickers a perfect finish, while side cutters ensure that obstacles are shaped with absolute precision giving crisp, clean edges. An electrically adjustable swivel seat (15°) that can be moved sideways up to 20 inches allows the driver to assume various seating positions and obtain an unobstructed view toward the rear.

Ultimate cabin and operating comfort

The cabin serves as a comfortable workstation, offering superb visibility and storage space providing for all of the operator’s needs. A multi-functional joystick and digital 8.4 inch color display makes working the night shift a real pleasure, thanks to innovative sound insulation and a noise-optimized engine, all that can be heard is the sound of crunching snow.

Perfect peak performance

The most powerful vehicle in its class, the New Bison boasts a 298 kW/406 HP motor, yet also offers low fuel consumption and a 90% reduction in nitrogen oxide and particulate emissions in line with the “Stage IV/Tier 4 final” exhaust emission standard.

Prinoth Tillers, for the perfect finish

Prinoth Tillers are the result of constant development. The Power tiller, which was developed in Europe offer the right technology for every requirement. Unique tilling technology for a perfect slope surface in any snow condition.