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Powerful mower for steep slopes

The new Combicut Aebi CC56 with hydrostatic transmission, active steering and quick-fit connector system is a well-equipped, manoeuvrable and versatile single-axle machine that sits just below the Combicut Aebi CC66 in the range.

Fitted with a 13 HP Basco-Vanguard petrol engine, the CC56 is a powerful mower for steep slopes, that is also ideally suited for zero-grazing. Thanks to the active steering, the machine is easy to control in steep and difficult terrain and implements can be swapped without the need for tools using the Aebi quick-fit connector system. The available range of attachments and tyres – apart from a few exceptions, the same as for the CC66 - covers almost every eventuality. For example, the track can be increased by fitting double wheels, cage wheels or even spiked wheels if the situation warrants it.