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Tarron MS 32.1 (Snow plough)
Snow clearance

The Tarron MS 32.1 is a robust, four-blade snow plough, specifically designed for highly demanding snow clearance and suited to remove large volumes of snow.

Due to its robust design, even hard-packed and icy snow is no problem for the snow plough.

FS 105 (Snow cutter blower)
Snow clearance

The FS 105 snow cutter blower is designed for severe municipal winter service. Its fields of application include the front clearing of high levels of hard, icy snow as well as the removal of side walls of snow left behind by snow ploughs. Due to its design, the FS 105 is extremely durable and requires little maintenance. In spite of its compact dimensions, it removes snow heights of up to 1,000 mm. The clearing width is 2,450 mm or 2,650 mm, depending on the version.

Traxos 12 VCXN (Attachable spreader)

The Traxos 12 VCXN attachable spreader has been specifically designed for de-icing municipal areas. It can be rapidly mounted and filled and is easy to operate. Another advantage: Since both abrasive gritting material as well as dry and wet salt can be used with the Traxos 12 VCXN, it is extremely versatile in application.