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CP 2 (Snow plough)
Snow clearance

The CP 2 is a torsion-resistant constant position snow plough for snow clearing in town and municipal areas as well as on country roads.

Its robust design and the high restoring force of its steel cutting edge allow for more aggressive snow clearance. This becomes necessary if the amount of spreading salt is reduced for economical and ecological reasons. The CP 2 can also be fitted with a rubber cutting edge and operated in floating position.

Traxos 09 VCX (Attachable spreader)

The Traxos 09 VCX attachable spreader has been specifically designed for de-icing municipal areas. Its advantages: It can be rapidly mounted and filled and is easy to operate.

The Traxos 09 VCX needs no individual drive, as it is powered by the ELIOS hydraulic system. The gritting material slips safely to the bottom of the V-shaped hopper from there onto the open screw conveyer and the spreading disc made of V2A stainless steel.