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Control & Slim operate




Control & Slim operate

Control is the central database server. It is the core of every system and is an inevitable component of a modern car park management system. All other components are connected to the Control via Ethernet. The communication between the terminals and Control guarantees a secure administration of short-term parkers and season parkers. Slim operate is the software application with which Slimpark is operated.

Administration & Reports

Slim Operate enables the operator to administer his car park centrally. All terminals can be controlled and monitored centrally. Furthermore the car park operator is able to produce, control, and manage customer data and tickets. WebReport is a special management tool which allows the car park operator to conclude the financial situation and events of the car park. It indicates payments and traffic statistics.

Robust functionality: with the Microsoft operating system and SQL database as well as the Linux operating system in the terminal equipment, SLIMPARK is based on tried and tested industrial standard equipment.
The use of Ethernet technology throughout provides for and ensures that the individual components remain online continuously, offering a consistently high quality parking management system in real time.

Slim Operate

  • Graphical User Interface to control, administer, and maintain Slimpark’s devices
  • Display of events in the car park
  • Reporting of key business data
  • Production and deletion of user profiles and tickets