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Prevention from the air

Daisybell® is the very last preventive avalanche release technology developed by
MND Safety.

Complementary to the Gazex® system, it is an alternative to explosives to treat paths that are not equipped with permanent remote preventive release systems.

Helicopter-borne over the zone to be cleaned, Daisybell® consists in exploding a hydrogen/oxygen mixture, which is contained in a metal cone, 3 to 5 meters above the snow cover.

All operations are controlled from the helicopter cockpit. Less than ten seconds are necessary from the shot request to the ignition and there is no waiting time between two shots.

Daisybell® system enables to free from law restrictions concerning storage, transport and use of explosives.


  • No explosive to handle.
  • No lost of triggered and unexploded charges on the slope.
  • 50 successive shots.
  • No consumable except gases.
  • Efficiency equivalent to the 0,8 mі GAZEX®.
  • Low costs in use and maintenance.