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Light snow plough

If you're looking for a light snow plough that's both powerful and versatile in use for your communal winter service you'll be kept moving especially well with the new EN from Schmidt. Thanks to an optimised blade shape and a new attachment design, this snow plough is designed based on the latest technical knowledge, is especially efficient and is optimally suited to all Aebi narrow track vehicles and to a wide range of different small tractors. The new EN is extremely easy to mount – and very safe to use. This new light snow plough is an uncomplicated device, which is easy and quick to attach thanks to the height-adjustable connection piece and is absolutely user-friendly in use – the new plough also possesses an automatic override system, which protects the device very efficiently from damages owing to suddenly-occurring obstacles. This guarantees availability and avoids unnecessary costs.

With a new blade shape – for even more efficient working! The plough, which is equipped with a new blade shape and therefore works especially efficiently, is available in two variants, each with a different cutting blade length. The EN 13 measures 1300 mm, while the EN 15 measures 1500 mm. The plough height is 600 mm in both cases. Again, there are differences in terms of weight. The EN 13 weighs in at 100 kg and the EN 15 tips the scales at 120 kg – both are therefore designed to be lightweight, such that small tractors, too, don't have any hassle with this plough.