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Axess systems for exhibitions and congress centers

One of the advantages in these applications are the Axess programs for ticket sales at the points of sale, B2C sales over the internet, voucher management and internet accreditation with home-printed tickets. The points of sale are connected online with the DataCenter, in case of a network problem they can continue to work offline. Extremely easy handling and customized keyboards permit them to be operated by temporary personnel and space requirements are minimal. All acess date collected from stationary or mobile access terminals is transfered online to the DataCenter.

The ability to read any ticket medium, ISO or IATA format, home-printed tickets with barcode and RFID chipcards provides flexibility. Entry to the car parks can also be integrated. Mobile readers are available for exhibitor and VIP entrances. The operating parameters and sales and access data to create reports are stored in the DataCenter. A powerful SOAP interface provides the connection to other programs (accounting, event management, web shops).