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Firefighting truck on MT750




Firefighting truck Bulkano on chassis MT750

Chassis: Aebi MT750 4x4 7,5 tn.

Total width: 1750 mm.

Load capacity: 4800 kg.

Centrifugal pump: Johstadt TO 3000 with nominal performances 1000 l/min at 10 bar and 250 l/min at 40 bar and autommatic primming system.

Water outlets: 2 low pressure outlets and 2 high pressures outlets.

Control panel: Located on the backside of the vehicle, next to the pump, with manometers, hourmeter, pump control elements and a display with the main information via CAN-BUS.

Bodywork: Manufactured with anodized aluminium panels by bolted joints. With blinds on the sideways and on the backside.

Signaling: Priority lighting, boundary lighting and alarm siren.

Auxiliary elements: Lighting mast, ladder holder system, hinged steps to access to the equipment, quick-starter system and winch.

Equipment: Water hoses, water nozzles, electrical generator, chainsaw, bilge pump and various material.

Special equipment: Nebulized water nozzle, electrical ventilation fan, electrical generator, combined electrical releaser equipment and stability manager system.