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System functionalities

To help parking owners optimize their facility management, Parking Telecom offers a multi-functional technology solution to cover the needs of virtually any type of parking. Depending on your requirements, we can come up with the right solution for you, no matter if you have a gated lot, or one with an entry gate only, or to offer you a completely gateless parking solution.

Ticketless solution

Apart from the conventional method of entry/exit points control, i.e., using tickets, Parking Telecom provides a completely ticketless solution. It is not only significantly more cost-effective than the conventional entry/exit columns, but it leads to considerably faster vehicle flow and better parking performance. Empowered by our hardware components and management software, visitors’ identification can be done through our Mobile App (by means of QR or Bluetooth), ALPR cameras, RFID, and DSRC. In this way you do not need to worry about purchasing tickets and other consumables. You also will not have to bother about keeping staff to maintain those, which, in turn, can help you cut your operating expenses. You are saving, while at the same time adding value to your customers increasing the reliability of your parking lot. You have useful data from our system to help you track your parking facility’s operations and to better understand your users. You are then able to constantly provide a better service to them and promote your parking successfully.

Upgrade your system

If you already have a parking system, and because of your customers you’re still keeping your entry & exit points gated, there is no need for you to change anything from your existing parking equipment to make your parking easily accessed and popular – you can only add our mBox, with a small investment. With mBox your customers will be able to book their stay in your parking in advance and to enter without a paper ticket, using their phone. With mBox your visitors can also enter through an ALPR camera. They will be able to make payments as well. With mBox you can publish your parking onto our Marketplace and to promote it. What mBox does to your parking, is adding all functionalities that exist in Parking Telecom cloud solution, including: tariffing, validations, analytics, and many more. This way you complement your existing parking system with more opportunities for controlling and tracking vehicles flow and throughput. You also reduce your expenses for consumables and at the same time provide your customers more options for identification, as well as offer them a whole new customer experience.