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De-mountable spreader

The Schmidt Galeox is exactly the right choice for those that are looking for a robust and simply designed de-mountable spreader. The pre-wetting system complies with EN-15597-1 (30 per cent volume content of the hopper). The Schmidt Galeox is perfectly suited to spreading in both urban and rural areas – it offers efficient de-icing on country roads, traffic routes in towns and cities, car parks, factory yards and private land. The spreader is designed for mounting onto lorries with two or three axes.

Whether using the conveyor belt system or auger system, the robust Schmidt Galeox offers the perfect equipment for every requirement in winter maintenance. The belt drive system ensures a high degree of dosing accuracy, even when you are only using small amounts of gritting materials. A Galeox has many solid qualities, from the material, to safety to user comfort! The Schmidt Galeox de-mountable spreader offers an excellent cost-benefit ratio.