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Improving city environment




Improving city environment

Attention to parking

The power of economy, social conditions and protecting the environment are among the major factors influencing the quality of life of city’s residents. Nowadays, urban environment is characterized by specific dynamics driven by over-population, traffic and pollution, and city administrations address these challenges differently, sometimes overlooking the pending issues of parking zones management – something that could play an important role in cities ‘urban development plans.

Reducing pollution

Parking Telecom has developed a complete technology solution for on-street and off-street parking management to support municipalities and their communities cope with the pressing issues of parking in the city. We understand those challenges, and through a thoughtful analysis of the current city parking situation, we brought about a solution that supports the successful implementation of strategies for urban development, through a smart use of technology.

Balanced parking loads

Our solution helps level out the demand and supply in a given territory and can be used as a tool in maintaining a balance in parking areas occupancy, without a significant investment on the part of the municipality.

A partner with industry knowledge

You can partner with us in taking the necessary steps forward in transforming your city into a better and greener urban area, by reducing the congestion and cutting down emissions created by parkers continuously searching to find a parking spot. We can support your efforts in enhancing urban well-being, by use of innovative technologies.