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In+ TwinDeck BlueEdition







In+ TwinDeck BlueEdition

Combined Entrance Control Terminal for passenger cars and lorries  

Modern, energy-saving control terminal for issuing short term parker tickets and accepting season parker cards, debit cards, credit cards, ec cards and ABACUS special tickets.

  • High-quality gloss finish of the front control panel with integrated illuminated ring
  • Automatically switches to standby mode reducing power consumption
  • Processing tickets and cards with magnetic strips or barcodes
  • Issuing speed for short term parker tickets with imprint less than 1.9 seconds, accepting speed less than 0.7 seconds
  • Different tariffs for passenger cars and lorries possible
  • Vehicle counting according to the type of ticket
  • Ticket storage: bottom device up to 10,000 tickets, top device up to 5,000 tickets
  • Ticket issuing after pressing the ticket request button or automatically after occupying the induction loop (express entrance)
  • Multiple swindling protection: Ticket issuing only after the induction loop has been occupied, message if passage does not occur
  • Inside/outside check
  • Ticket issuing automatically blocked if the car park is occupied
  • Automatic switching for the display free/occupied
  • Intercom device
  • Ethernet connection