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Innovation for urban mobility




Innovation for urban mobility

Parking spaces, pricing, reservations and online payments

The Parking Telecom on-street parking system is an excellent solution for city governors for improving quality of life in their areas and for effective maintenance of the existing city parking lots, hardware free. It is a complete technology solution for on-street parking management which provides real-time information on availability and pricing, as well as reservations and payments through various online channels. The dynamic pricing functionality can restore the imbalance between peak and off-peak hours which leads to a more effective utilization of the available parking resources and decreasing congestion. That, in turn, would mean more revenue for the municipality without an upfront investment in hardware.

Parking enforcement and parking fines collections

The Parking Telecom system supports parking areas to be separated into zones and sections, to better monitor locations where parking is paid, and to track and analyse parking occupancy. System’s functionalities allow flexibility in parking zones organization and in applying different policies accordingly. Using Automatic License Plate Recognition (ALPR) cameras helps achieve a careful monitoring of the parking zones, to observe violations, exercise enforcement and analyze fines collections.

Our Mobile App

With Parking Telecom Mobile App parkers can check parking spots availability and pay for their stay using their mobile device, as well as extend their stay without going back to their vehicles.

Centralized management

The Parking Telecom solution is cloud-based, powered by our intelligent management software. This helps you reduce the number of required management staff on-site and allows you to oversee a given parking zone from virtually any place round the world. The solution boasts a wide variety of functionalities and offers accurate data, which can help city officials to make informed decisions for an effective management of their parking zones. The whole hosting and server infrastructure is provided and supported by Parking Telecom services team.