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Wedge snow plough

The wedge snow ploughs of the KL-V range consist of two blade wings and can be used as a wedge, V-form or one-sided snow plough. This flexibility makes the KL-V snow ploughs ideal for a variety of clearing tasks.

Flexible and Strong
The strength of the KL-V wedge snow plough lies in its individual adaptability. The wing blades can be infinitely deviated and therefore offer a high level of flexibility. The ability to change the blade form makes a wide application range possible.

Stable and Safe
The box section design ensures a high level of stability in the KL-V wedge snow ploughs. Each blade is fitted with a deviation system to prevent surface obstacles from damaging the plough.

Optimal Snow Ejection
The wedge snow ploughs of the KL-V series are constructed to achieve optimal snow ejection even in different levels of snow. This makes them ideal for removing snow from difficult areas such as car parks or narrow roads in city centres. Both pushing the snow together, as well as, systematically removing it from junctions are just some of the options.