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Lane Control Monitor




Lane Control Monitor

AX500 LaneControl Monitor provides the operator of an access control system to perform ticket checks of entering persons at the gate.

Ticket data are visualized by AX500 LaneControl Monitor as soon as they are read at the gate. This enables the operator to compare the ticket data of the entering person immediately. If differences occur, he can contact the person for a further ticket check.

A simultaneous observation of up to 8 entry lanes is possible. The operator selects which ticket parameter shall be displayed at the AX500 Lane Control Monitor, e.g. photo, ticket type, person type.

Adjustable filter settings, which can be set active for defined or for all lanes. They enable the selective ticket check according to the selected person types and ticket types. This is especially helpful, e.g. when checking reduced or non-transferable tickets.

Example: Filter criteria are set, to display all season passes with person type CHILD. The operator can visually compare whether the entering person is a child or an adult.

  • Visual observation of tickets which are read at the reader via control monitor or tablet PC as mobile device. 
  • Especially recommended for access control systems of ski resorts, theme parks, public pools, etc.    
  • Simultaneous display for ticket data of up to 8 lanes, e.g. photos and selected ticket data.
  • Adjust and activate filter criteria for selective ticket check via desired ticket or person types at all or at selected lanes.
  • Automatic or manual opening of the barrier after the ticket data were displayed.   
  • Restricted lane control by the functions ‘Permanent free’, ‘Gate open’ or ‘Block gate’.