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Leitwolf / Leitwolf X

A step ahead

The Leitwolf combines technical innovation with exceptional performance and features a number of highlights that are unique throughout the world. Outstanding features make it the leader of the pack in your fleet. Achieve perfect slope conditions without compromise. Higher efficiency, optimum grooming results. Latest engine technology: Stage IV/Tier 4 final. The Leitwolf is the strongest vehicle of its class. The six-cylinder diesel engine has an output of 390 kW/530 hp and generates torque of 2,460 Nm. It is the world’s first production vehicle in its class to meet the new “Stage IV/Tier 4 final” exhaust emission standard and offers an impressive reduction in nitrogen oxide emissions - completely in line with Prinoth's Corporate Philosophy Clean Motion.

Leitwolf X:

The Leitwolf not only offers exceptional results in terms of slope preparation; in response to high demand it is now also available as a park version in the form of the Leitwolf X and is really making its mark! Thanks to the enhanced range of movement of its blade and teeth and its impressive vehicle characteristics, its performance shines through in every park and fun slope.