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MND Ropeways Bambi Kid




Bambi Kid

Particularly suitable for junior ski schools
Rope tow lift with no intermediary support, tow bars or handles. Simple operation, minimal maintenance.

Technical data:

  • Rope tow with no intermediate support,  no hanger and no handle.
  • Easy operation, minimum maintenance.
  • Maximum length: 150 m.
  • Maximum slope: 15%.
  • Power: 2,2 kW (three-phase 380 V).
  • EC electrical cabinet.
  • Fixed speed: 1 m/s.
  • Spliced plastic rope diameter 22 mm.
  • Galvanised metal parts.
  • Reversible up-line direction.
  • Adjustable height and angle for drive and return terminals.
  • No concrete foundation: pegged into the ground.
  • Quick to install (1/2 day).

Safety features:

  • Double safety gate: the first with automatic reset & the second with manual reset.
  • Drive and return bullwheels with groove, designed to avoid the rope twisting.
  • Drive and return bullwheels covered, preventing hands being inserted into the mechanism.