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The cabline is an innovative urban ropeway transportation system

With vehicles circulating above the ropes, it provides speed, comfort and accessibility to people with reduced mobility. The vehicle is well lit and gives a good view. An efficient system allowing specific obstacles to be crossed (railways, rivers, roads, etc.).

Technical specifications:

  • Maximum capacity: 4000 pphpd.
  • Speed: 45 km/h.
  • Reduced installation time.
  • Line composed of over-sized carrying ropes to minimise the sag.
  • Wide gauge (3 m) with hauling ropes in the centre of the line.
  • Compact stations.
  • Availability: 2018.

Main applications:

  • Access to outlying areas.
  • Services supplementing urban networks.
  • Airport access.
  • Main artery where it is impossible to insert a tramway.