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Detachable chairlifts

6 to 12-places both chairlifts and gondolas

All the components (stations, line, grips and vehicules) have been specially developed to offer a new generation of detachable lift, the aim of which is to ensure maximum safety, significantly optimising operating costs (improved durability, reduced energy consumption, reduced maintenance costs, etc…). Many patents on various innovations regarding stations, grips, vehicles.  

Drive and return stations:

  • Acceleration and deceleration belts, removing the need for difficult-to-maintain tire beams, which are subject to heavy wear and offer variable reliability.
  • Contours provided by solid tires, motorised in 3 zones to facilitate spacing and storage of vehicles  in the stations.
  • Loading and/or unloading available as a standard in the axis of the line or in the contour.
  • Acceleration and deceleration belts driven by electrical motors, VFD controlled, without taking the motion  from the rope.
  • Emergency drive is provided by an electric motor directly connected to the bullwheel, powered by a diesel  generator. All the functions are therefore operational in case of evacuation.
  • The maintenance cost is reduced four-fold and the energy saving on vehicles transfer around 15%.
  • Stations access is easier and safer for operators via stairs at the rear of the contour, avoiding crossing  the chairs path, thus avoiding any risk of collision.

LST-DG-10 detachable grip:

  • New patented flexion detachable grip, reducing the number  of movements in the station by half as compared to a direct clamping grip.
  • Reduced drag forces, minimising the risk of jamming.
  • Designed to facilitate frost clearance during operation.
  • Sized for a 6- or 8-places chair or gondola.

LST-DC6-Comfort 6-seater chair:

  • Streamlined design with a simple vibration dampener  for good load distribution.
  • Comfortable seat for users of all sizes thanks to  an ergonomically-shaped back rest.
  • Shaped and differentiated seats for the comfort and safety  of even the youngest users, and openwork back rest to reduce wind effects.
  • Restraining bar with individual two-level footrests to suit adults  and children and assure the user’s safety (optional restraining bar  with 3 double footrests for snowboarders and handicapped-ski chairs).   


  • Available sheave batteries: 6 / 8 / 12 support or c ompression, 4+4 double effect.
  • Support sheaves with diameter 500 mm, maximum load 750 kg.
  • Compression sheaves with diameter 420 mm, maximum load 600 kg (to improve passenger comfort and reduce stress on the vehicles).
  • Over-sized sheave bearings for a longer lifetime.
  • Over-sized sheave battery axles, designed to be turned by a quarter turn.
  • Line safety assured by break forks fitted on the rope axis and protected against ice and snow.
  • Sheave jamming detection system.