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Stratos Combi Soliqplus

Machines for Spraying and Spreading

The combination machines for spraying & spreading of the Stratos Combi Soliq Plus series make it possible to combine solid, half-liquid and liquid spreading materials and distribute them in one operation. The Stratos Combi Soliq Plus de-mountable spreader allows for the use of the entire range of spreading methods depending on weather conditions. A single machine can distribute liquid material in the first instance, but equally dry and pre-wetted salt. Considerable salt savings during brine spraying can be made. Applying gritting materials is facile even at high speeds.

The Schmidt Stratos Combi Soliqplus "WSP" The new, fold-out nozzle arm allows up to three lanes (up to 12 m) to be sprayed at the same time – either symmetrically or asymmetrically. A premium spreading disk measuring 660 mm Ø is used to achieve 3 – 12 m spreading (dry or wet salt). The Schmidt Stratos Combi Soliqplus "RSP": spraying using a spreading disk – now with optimised hoppers and tanks.