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Prevention by nature

Rigid avalanche fencing protection installed in avalanche starting zones to preventively hold the snowpack in place. Enduring: Offered in a variety of materials (wood, hot dipped galvanized steel, mild steel incorporating corrosion protection, coloration possible). Minimum service life: 40 years for steel / 20 years for wood.


  • Very reduced maintenance: particularly suitable for isolated or inaccessible sites.
  • Adaptable: Simplified installation due to the use of separate modules (heliportable in a maximum of 1 or 2 rotations).
  • Reliable: Proven over many years for snow from 2 to 7 meters high and different snow types.
  • Developed to comply with French standard NF P 95-303 (for all heights of snow) and sized in line with the requirements of the Swiss Directive (for different thicknesses of snow).