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The M3 mobile spider excavator leaves virtually nothing to be desired

With numerous options, the machine can be custom designed to meet individual customer needs. Every detail is based on functionality, safety and comfort. The result is a powerful, spider machine that is setting new standards in the 8-ton class.

Menzi Muck M340

Menzi H-drive hydrostatic all-wheel drive
P-Matik parallel stabilizers
Four equally sized wheels with Road Traction module
Mountain stabilizers with steel claws (optional)
Weight > 10 700 kg

Menzi Muck M335

Hydrostatic four wheel drive over two big and two small wheels
Hydraulic telescopic stabilization
Drive by two big steering wheels (hydraulic rear steering)
Option: mecanical lifting axle, lockable hydraulically
Weight > 10 600 kg

Menzi Muck M320/325

Hydrostatic two-wheel drive via the two large wheels
Two spindle attachments with 300-15 impellers
Hydraulic, telescopic stabilizers
Hydraulic rear-wheel steering (M325)
Weight M320: > 9 400 kg
Weight M325: > 9 900 kg