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Management Information Dashboard

Keeping sight of what's important. Meaningful and immediately useable information instead of a flood of data: that’s what the MID (Management Information Dashboard) is all about. This software tool, which has been exclusively developed by Designa, uses the outstanding networking technology and open interface concept of the PM Abacus to optimal effect. It is simple to operate and highly efficient.

MID evaluates the countless data sets that are continuously generated by the on-site terminals and from this determines what the most important indicators are and presents them in graphic form in real time.

MID also automatically and continuously monitors selected parameters and compares them with specified threshold values that are set automatically for every system and constantly readjusted. The relevant status is highlighted and displayed in colour so that it can be quickly grasped.

Critical values or developments can therefore be recognised quickly and the operator can react immediately and with pinpoint accuracy, without having to evaluate the information material himself beforehand. MID makes an important contribution to ensuring that parking facilities can be operated even more economically in future.

The analysed data can originate from the operational side of the business, the commercial area and from the cost accounting level - ranging from the condition of the equipment and the number of different registered activities right up to the occupancy and turnover of the individual car parks.