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MT720 MT740 MT750




MT720, MT740 and MT750

Universal carrier vehicle

Three different models of the transporter – MT720, MT740 and MT750 – are available both as slow runners (up to 40 km/h) and sprinters (up to 90 km/h). An economical turbo diesel Euro6 engine with SCR and AdBlue. This can provide fuel savings of up to 10%. The powerful engines with 109 HP (MT720/MT740) and 156 HP (MT750) with up to 500 Nm provide pure performance. 

Thanks to their sophisticated structure and a low net weight, between 3,35 tonnes and 4,8 tonnes can be loaded onto them, depending on the model.  With a width of 1,60 m (MT720) or 1,70 m (MT740/MT750), the transporters manoeuvre easily in narrow or winding alleys. Unique driving comfort, ergonomic cab with 3 seats.