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New Husky/ Husky X

New Husky/ Husky X

Durable, innovative and extremely comfortable

With its New Husky, Prinoth is presenting the world’s first snow groomer to meet today’s strictest exhaust emission standard, “Stage IV/Tier 4 Final” Тhe new Husky is perfect for preparing cross-country ski trails, small ski resorts, practice slopes and indoor ski slopes.

Innovative technology and compact design

The New Husky’s engine generates 91 percent less nitrogen oxide and 87,5 percent fewer fine particles. At 170 kW/231 hp, the four-cylinder diesel engine is the most powerful in its market segment. With a 27 percent increase in torque to 900 Nm, it offers considerably more power and improved handling.

Top-class comfort in the cabin

The New Husky also boasts numerous enhancements in terms of ergonomics. The user-friendly steering and driving systems help to further optimize work processes and shorten operating times.

Clean Motion

The New Husky is another shining example of Prinoth’s Clean Motion philosophy, which is not only synonymous with low energy consumption and sustainability, but it also creates vehicles that boast efficiency, excellent performance, and a long service life.New passenger transport cabin

High-quality transport cabin

The new passenger transport cabin for the New Husky sets new standards for design and comfort. The cabin, which boasts the stylish and familiar design from Pininfarina, can transport up to nine passengers reliably and comfortably wherever they need to go – and offer wonderful panoramic views on the way! The cabin also opens up new and versatile application possibilities for the New Husky. The cabin’s windows offer a fabulous all-round view. As many as nine passengers can be seated comfortably on two benches with seatbelts. Excellent lighting conditions are ensured by the panoramic windows on the sides and by two roof windows, one of which can easily be removed to accommodate an air conditioning unit. Interior equipment features include a flexible lighting system, a WiFi hotspot, speakers for the radio, 12-volt power outlets, and a separate heater. In other words, the cabin offers plenty of comfort, even on long trips. The driver can also directly communicate with the passenger cabin at any time.

Practical features

The exterior of the transport cabin also boasts numerous practical details. For example, a retractable ladder ensures easy entry on the driver’s side, which enables the driver to enter the cabin quickly if passengers need assistance. A rear view camera is mounted on the back of the cabin to ensure a clear view when the vehicle is operating in reverse.

Husky X

With an increased vertical blade movement, up to 19˚ (8˚ up and 11˚ down) more than on a standard unit, the Husky X allows better control over the creation and maintenance of jumps, landings and other park features.