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New Leitwolf / Leitwolf X






New Leitwolf / Leitwolf X

A brand new look, powerful MTU stage V engine

The all-new cockpit design has increased leg room, upgrades to the joystick and a totally new 12” touchscreen display. The joystick has been optimised to make handling straight-forward. Moreover, the entire joystick can be adjusted to fit exactly the operators preferred position, making long hours of operation comfortable and strain free. The 12” touchscreen display allows for quicker access to the most important features.

Clean and powerful

MTU in-line 6 engine offers it all. The impressive 530 HP engine with a maximum torque of 2600 Nm at 1300 rpm makes the New Leitwolf the most powerful snow groomer in the world.   

Fast and Efficient

Perfect slopes with minimum effort—this is New Leitwolf. With a working width of 4,5 m, the patented parallel offset of the tiller and widest blade on the market, New Leitwolf grooms the most surface in the shortest time. This means more quickly prepared slopes using less fuel—saving both time and money.

A perfect finish

In a class of its own, Prinoth’s patented parallel offset of the tiller slides up to 45 cm outside of the track footprint while staying in line with the direction of the New Leitwolf. This allows for a perfect finish when overlapping or operating next to obstacles. 

Traction and maneuverability

Exclusive to Leitwolf, the adjustable suspension gives more control in challenging conditions. By raising the New Leitwolf’s suspension, the front and rear of the tracks are raised off the ground. The result is less track in contact with the snow. This makes turning tight corners easy and stress less. By lowering the suspension, the increased contact of the tracks with the snow maximizes traction. This boosts performance when grooming uphill, downhill and pushing large amounts of snow. Total control at the touch of a button.