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Off-street Solution

The Parking Telecom system provides real-time information on parking space availability and booking, and also offers dynamic pricing functionality, enabling a balance between demand and supply, and allowing for additional revenue generation. The system is extremely versatile and can be set-up to fit the needs of virtually any parking facility. It can be used with a great ease in office buildings, sports and cultural venues, shopping centers, hospitals, universities, convention centers, airports and transportation terminals, park & ride facilities and many more. The parking system can be tweaked in a matter of minutes, if demand proves to require a different policy.

Identification methods

Parking owners are given a long list of registration and identification methods to choose from, including the standard one using tickets, extended to innovative ways using virtual Parking Card, Bluetooth, proximity cards (RFID), Automatic License Plate Recognition (ALPR), Near-field Communication (NFC) and Dedicated Short-Range Communications (DSRC) – all implemented at the Points of Entry and Exit (PoE). This makes the system extremely versatile and allows for ticketless parking registration, payment and exit control. The fully functional ALPR lets parking operators implement time accumulation rules and a number-of-entries limits for all vehicles.

Payments module

The multi-currency payments module can accept payments from virtually all available payment channels. There are payments through mobile, for users of the Parking Telecom app, to book and pay for their stay. Parking owners can go with attended or unattended pay stations which accept both cash and bank card payments. A Pay@Entry and Pay@Exit options, where the exit column serves as an unattended pay station, is also available.

Parking guidance system

The Parking Telecom solution also includes a Parking Guidance System (PGS) based on 3D mapping and variable message signs (VMS). They receive information from the real-time availability module and can provide information on facility’s total, per level/area or single spot occupancy. The available information is then communicated to the Parking Telecom App, or to a third party.

Complete parking solution

The solution integrates hardware and our cloud-based management software. This reduces the number of required management staff, giving parking owners the freedom to manage their system from anywhere, with little-to-none on-site management. All hosting and server infrastructure is provided and supported by Parking Telecom services team. The system is built around a complex and versatile parking tariffing module, which allows for special rules, such as early-bird, grace period, convention ticket and many more industry standard use cases, including various discounts application. The solution manages visitors, bookings and subscribers, both as individual users and businesses having multi-vehicle fleets. There is live information available on critical KPIs, while a reporting module allows parking operators to analyse their daily operations and make informed management decisions using the available reporting mechanisms, data and predictive analysis tools.