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Effective operation of the existing parking zones

The Parking Telecom system is an excellent tool for cities’ administration to improve the quality of life in their communities and manage their parking stock in an efficient way. The solution allows parking operators and parking users to get accurate, real-time information on availability and pricing, collected and communicated through a variety of online channels. It lets parkers book a parking spot in advance, pay and extend their stay without having to return to their vehicle. The system allows dynamic pricing, which can help level out demand and supply in cities’ parking zones which can lead to a better parking zones management and bring in more revenue for the municipalities, while reducing congestion.

Real-time data

Our solution provides precise real-time parking zone occupancy data, as well as live and accurate information on availability and pricing. All this can be achieved with no need for an upfront investment in hardware. The information gathered can be used to monitor and improve vehicles flow, collection rates, as well as enforcement quality and efficiency.

Lots of payment methods

The Parking Telecom on-street parking solution offers a variety of payment methods. Using the Parking Telecom Mobile App, parkers can check the availability and pay for their parking stay using their mobile phone, with no need to search for cash or bank card terminals, facilitated by eCommerce payment protocols. This also gives them the option to extend their stay without the need to get back to their vehicles.

Parking enforcement

Parking enforcement can be executed both by means of Automated License Plate Recognition (ALPR) technology, or through the mobile app. The system identifies whenever a parking space becomes occupied, so payment is expected. If a payment is not received in time, the app alerts parking enforcement officers. The system also monitors officers’ reaction time and analyses results. The parking management software provides useful data, presents reports on demand, and has analytics tools to help cities better manage parking violation rates, analyze their types and frequency, as well as track parking fine collection rates. This can lead to optimized human resource management and overall cost-effective operations.