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Publish your parking space and cash it out

Parking is a complex and important service, which has long become an essential part of everyday life. We, at Parking Telecom, understand that and aim to enhance the experience for both parking users and parking owners. With a strong background in Cloud technology, IoT, and innovation, we have brought about a comprehensive Parking-as-a-Service solution based on industry leading standards and best management practices, paving the way to market disrupters like autonomous vehicles and connected vehicles systems.


Since parking is much more than just an inconvenience, parkers are always on the lookout for ways to better their parking experience. In urban environments people are increasingly spending time searching for parking, which wastes time and increases pollution. Cars circling around to find parking spots, are causing a considerable portion of the traffic on the streets, increasing congestion and reducing the quality of life for everyone in the cities.


Parking owners and parking operators can greatly benefit from the Parking Telecom management solution. It combines high quality hardware components, a cloud-based management system and a global parking marketplace. The system offers great flexibility, versatility and easy management. Users can take advantage from a variety of registration and identification methods, a lot of payment channels, dynamic pricing system as well as business analysis tools.


As population is getting progressively urban, cities need solutions to increase efficiency in its parking infrastructure utilization. Parking Telecom is committed to bring together all participants in this ecosystem – parkers, parking operators and the parking infrastructure, in a single cloud-based platform to boost revenue generation and efficiency.