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Parking Telecom Exchange




Parking Telecom Exchange

Online platform

The Parking Exchange is our Marketplace. It is an integral part of our system, allowing individuals to rent-out their parking space when not using it. Parking space owners can generate additional revenue, without investing time or money. All they need to do is register their parking space into our system and set a price. The Marketplace provides real-time information on parking space availability and pricing. It also offers a detailed section for pay-outs: parking owners can see the amounts earned, their source, date and more.

More parking options

The system provides easy to use account and profile management for both parkers and parking owners. Through the Marketplace parkers are offered more options for parking, thus saving time, eliminating the need to be cruising to find a parking spot. The community will see an improvement to traffic congestion and hence less pollution. For parking owners this is an excellent way to optimize their parking facility and start promoting it.