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Proximity Reader Modules



Proximity Reader Modules

The patented LaserScanner AX 500 reads barcode tickets of all formats and in any position. The LaserScanner has a large reading slot; it requires no feed mechanism and therefore cannot jam. The optional RFID Reader reads all transponder formats, through to the wristband.

The Barcode Slot-Reader Module AX 500 is a practical enhancement for ski applications when, for example, tickets with barcode are issued for individual rides. The CCD line scanner can process infrared barcodes which are copyproof.

AX 500 Laserscanner Module

  • Barcode reader with oversized reading slot, format- free reading of barcodes, home-printed ticket reader
  • Mirror for double-sided reading (upside down)
  • Multidirectional red light laser scanner for maximum reading reliability
  • Optional proximity RFID reader ISO 14443 & 15693

AX 500 Barcode Slotreader Module

  • All-weather slot reader for barcode tickets in credit card format, with internal heating and drainage
  • CCD line scanner, optionally for IR barcodes (protected against copying) or red light