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RFID Prints




RFID Prints

The core module of the SmartReader is also available in a print version for integration into third-party devices.

The RFID Print can also be supplied in a CompactFlash version with power-saving logic (for use in hand-held devices such as Symbol or Recon).

The Axess fi rmware enables the Integrator to access all common chip types using the same commands. A further benefi t offered by these modules is ongoing product enhancements and maintenance; simple software updates are used to integrate new transponder chips.

  • RFID module for ISO 14443 & ISO 15693 chips
  • Axess firmware with automatic transponder identification and processing, multi-application capability
  • Compact flash interface or RS 232
  • Microcontroller with flash memory
  • SAM module for managing access rights (DESFire)