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MND Ropeways

Tailor-made ropeways for all passenger transportation systems in urban or mountain areas. MND Ropeways applies all its skills to design, manufacture and maintain a range of high-quality products satisfying the requirements of its customers terms of performance and attractiveness.


1989: Creation of the company LST by Peter Loipolder.
1995: First two-seater fixed-grip chairlift.
2000: First 4-seater fixed-grip chairlift.
2005: First detachable gondola lift.
2006: First 4-seater detachable chairlift.
2011: First monocable fixed-grip pulsed gondola lift.
2012: LST joins the MND Group and becomes LST Ropeway Systems.
2013: Creation of central sales organization in France.
2014: The LST head office is transferred to France, where a design office is installed for the development of new ropeway technologies.
2016: Market launch of the first detachable chairlift of the new generation.