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Airport sprayer

De-icing aprons: The RSP-1S sprays de-icing liquids with extreme accuracy via a special sprayng disc. The sprayer is specially designed for mounting on medium carrier vehicles and is powered by the vehicles’ hydraulics or a separate diesel engine. Like the RSP-1S, the modular design of the RSP-2S makes it easily adaptable to the individual requirements of various airports. The two special spraying discs are very stable and easy to maintain. It has a spraying width of up to15 m.

The version for take-off and landing strips: The RSP-3S, with three special spraying discs, has a spraying width of up to 24 metres and can cover large areas effortlessly and fast. The large-scale RSP-4S airport sprayer is designed for fast output and sprays liquids via four special discs. The RSP-4S tackles icy surfaces using antiicing and de-icing methods at a road related operating speed of up to 40 km/h and a maximum spraying width of 30m.