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SmartCard ReWrite Stripe





The SmartCard TRW STRIPE is used for long-term applications as a membership card and in recycling concepts. The quality is geared to a service life of several years. Special materials and 4-colour offset printing underline the high quality.

The SmartCard TRW STRIPE can be furnished with ISO 15693 or ISO 14443 chips. The readable imprint of personal or ticket data can be erased or modified up to 1,000 times.

  • ISO 15693 chip with up to 6 applications (2 kB memory)
  • Optionally ISO 14443 DESFire (4 kB memory)
  • Segmented memory with multi-application directory
  • Modifiable imprint of the ticket data though ThermoReWrite stripe
  • Optionally also holohedral TRW coating
  • Layout in 4-colour offset print, scratch-resistant and robust thanks to high-gloss finish
  • Hot-laminated with special plastics, chip embedded to provide high resistance to breakage, usable from –25° to +50°C