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Smart Card TRW Full




Smart card TRW full

A high quality card with an integrated RFID chip

The Smart Card TRW full is like the Smart Card TRW stripe a high quality card with an integrated RFID chip for contactless transmission. The Smart Card is adapted to store personal information of the owner and also several permissions. Additionally the Smart Card TRW full can store selected information and photographs or full-surface prints can be erased and be printed again. The Smart Card can be used for several years and has proven especially for multiple use of point cards, seasonal and membership cards (with deposit).

Smart card TRW full:

  • Contactless functionality.
  • Visually and electronically multiply writable.
  • Segmented memory with multi-application concept up to 5 permissions for ticket and personal data.
  • Transparent thermo re-write foil can be printed, erased and re-written again on the entire front side thanks to the thermo re-write process.
  • Hot laminated cards with embedded chip are made of special plastics with high breaking resistance from -30 ° to + 50 °C (thickness: 0,9 mm).