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Smart Card TRW Part






Smart Card TRW Part

Offers both rapid output and a large print area

The Axess Smart Card TRW Part combines a generous print area with enhanced printing speed. Visual data is printed via ThermoReWrite technology, meaning that information is both deletable and rewritable. An integrated RFID chip enables multiple electronic personal descriptions to be added complete with up to five authorizations. The Axess Smart Card TRW Part is highly resistant to breakage and can be deployed without any problem at all at temperatures between -30° and +50 °C.

Smart Card TRW Part:

  • Contactless functionality.
  • Multi-rewritable both optically and electronically.
  • Up to 5 authorizations for ticket and personal data.
  • Transparent ThermoReWrite film covers part of the front surface.
  • Imprint can be deleted and rewritten.
  • Cards are hot laminated using special plastics whilst an embedded chip ensures a high degree of breakage resistance.
  • Capable of use between -30° and +50 °C (0,9 mm thickness).