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Smart Gate Gantry Type




Smart Gate Gantry Type

Downside up, the variant of the successful Smart Gate system which has been developed for the North American market, offers significant benefits, for example complete ground clearance (preventing skis from becoming entangled when a skier passes through it). The entire access can be heightadjusted (adaptation to the depth of the snow) and be swung to one side (eases mechanised preparation of the access lanes).

The Smart Gate Gantry-Type can be obtained with antennas arranged either on left side or on both sides in order to extend the reading range to the whole width of a lane.

  • Overhead installation with prefabricated pedestals
  • Left-hand wide-range RFID antenna
  • Optionally full-range RFID antennas on both sides
  • ISO 15693 RFID transceiver with auto-tuning and anticollision function
  • Axess controller with CAN bus and fl ash data storage for 100,000 transactions and a 2-line LC display and audible alarm signal
  • Optional LAN port and online function
  • Web ticketing function with Blacklist and Whitelist
  • 2-arm turnstile module with Servotronic control
  • Perfect convenience of access