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Smart Gate NG Flap




Smart Gate NG Flap

Access control

The AX500 Smart Gate Flap in the floormounted wide range antenna version is designed as a barrier-free access. By a flexible combination of proven functional modules, it can be customized to the needs of our customers. The robust AX500 Smart Post provides an extremely space-saving access which integrates all the electronic components in a compact design. The wide range antenna with a large antenna surface and the associated AX500 vicinity module ensures the reliable reading of RFID cards in the format of ISO 15693 in the entire area between the antenna surfaces, without further activity of the incoming person ("hands-free ").

Smart Gate NG Floor Flap Gate:

  • Robust post made of anodized aluminum.
  • The speed of the opening and closing mode is adjustable.
  • The flap modul arms can be used in closed position for blocking the track.
  • Internal CAN bus for function modules.
  • Flexible customization, thanks to the modular design of all components.