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Smart Gate




Smart Gate

Access control in outdoor applications, the Smart Gate performs within nearly all ambient conditions – from rain or snow up to dry heat. From one to a row of seven access lanes with wide-range RFID antennas can be operated in parallel. An internal CAN bus synchronises the data exchange and automatic multiplex operation. SmartGates are modular and consequently perfectly tailored to their particular application, and they are in particular future-proof.

Materials used are stainless steel and polycarbonate which offers unbeatable stability and ensures that access areas have an attractive appearance even after years of use.

  • Translucent wide-range antenna for RFID SmartCards
  • Long-body or short-body antenna format, also in customized design
  • ISO 15693 RFID transceiver with auto-tuning and anti-collision function
  • Axess controller with CAN bus and fl ash data storage for 100,000 transactions and a 2-line LC display
  • Offline card check and transaction data storage
  • Optional LAN port and online function
  • Web ticketing function with Blacklist and Whitelist
  • Optional barcode reader module (IR or red light)
  • Signal light module, 3-colour bright LED (readable
    outdoors) and audible alarm signal
  • Height-adjustable pedestal with 3 module mounting locations, internal bus cable and fan, heated modules
  • Single MIL connector for power and data
  • Floor mounting pallet with internal cable ducts
  • Prefabricated cable sets