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This slender column made from stainless steel is particularly well-suited for electronic access control. Equipped with a internal bus cable and internal ventilation it features up to four module mounting locations.

Control is implemented autonomously or via a LAN connection to the host. The result of the card check is signalled using an LED signal light. Any required doors, gates or barriers can be controlled. The SmartPost is consequently popular for updating existing systems.

  • Space-saving, stainless steel column with up to four module mounting locations, internal bus cable and fan
  • Controller with LAN port, CAN bus, optional backlighted LC display and internal flash storage
  • Online or offline operating modes
  • Signalling by means of LED lights and audible alarm
  • Laser scanner module for barcode tickets
  • Double-side barcode reading – also suitable for home-printed tickets
  • RFID proximity reader module for ISO 15693 & ISO 14443