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A high-performance printer for professional use with an unbeatable range of functions. The SmartPrinter can process all credit card shaped tickes – from barcode to the RFID-SmartCard ONEWAY or SmartCard TRW STRIPE.

Tickets are issued at high speed. The SmartPrinter includes a read back function to assure that issued tickets have been coded correct.

It can erase and rewrite ThermoReWrite coatings (reusable chip cards).

  • Heavy-duty feeding mechanism for ISO tickets with a thickness allowance from 10 to 40 mil
  • High-speed ticket issuance starting at 1 second
  • 200 dpi thick-fi lm thermo print head, quick-release
  • TRW erase function for reusable chip cards
  • SmartCard ONEWAY with imprint
  • RFID module for ISO 14443 & ISO 15693
  • Optional, integrated barcode reader
  • Windows printer driver with automatic chip detection and multi-application function